If you’re ready to jump right in (no pun intended) sign up here to take a swim test and get hired on the spot.

Current Openings

Don’t worry, the training is free.

Do you know how to swim? Okay, good! No prior experience or certifications are required, we’ll get you certified! All of our Lifeguards are required to complete the Ellis & Associates International Lifeguard Training Program which is included free of charge in your training as a Parks & Recreation Lifeguard.

About the test.

Seriously, you can do this.

  • Must be 15 years old
  • Swim 100 (4 lengths of a pool) yards without stopping
  • Retrieve a 10 pound brick from the deepest end of the pool
  • Tread water for 2 minutes without using your arms or hands

Benefits of Being a Lifeguard

  • Get paid to work poolside

  • Learn life-saving skills

  • Make new friends

  • Build your resume

  • Work in your community

  • Stay in shape

  • Be a role model for kids

  • Flexible schedule

We have some pools to fill and guests to serve this summer, but we need your help to make it happen.

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Guests Served


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